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What’s new with the new version of React ?

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Install React Router

npm install react-router-dom

React Router Setup

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Every Route Change Mounts and Unmounts a Component

The Wrong State Syntax

Do not use hooks for class components

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How to Create a .env File

How to Access the Environment Variables

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Git is version management software. It is free software created by Linus Torvalds, it is the most popular version control software in the world.

Configure Git

git config --global "your_username"wgit config --global ""git config --global --list

Pull and push

Clone a repository

Convert a local directory into a repository

remote repository

View your remote repositories

git remote -v

Create a branch

git checkout -b <name-of-branch>

Switch to the master branch

git checkout master

Work on an existing branch

View the changes you’ve made

Add and commit local changes

💪 TS = JS + additional functions



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